Saturday, 31 July 2010

Head bands with flowers

I bought these two Alice bands at boots (just the base), but I did not like their colour. So, I wrapped them with ribbon and attached two flowers. The first one is a yo-yo flower with red leather string, and the second one a layered red satin flower with tiny ivory beads at the centre.

Layered organza and crepe flowers

I like these layered flowers because they are ethereal and versatile. I attached the first one on an old necklace, and the second one on a hair clip.

Friday, 30 July 2010

Shawls with sponge beads

Here's a last minute project I cooked up while trying to select a shawl to wear tonight. This blue scarf (bought for £5 on Oxford Street) was sitting in my drawer for months, because it would quickly get wrinkly every time I used it and lacked a certain oomph! So, I got a (clean) sponge and cut it in small squares, which I then tied tightly into the scarf and....

ta da!

(I had some leftover sponge, so I did the same on a fuchsia scarf!)

Flower brooches!

Today I experimented with folded flowers. Materials: pieces of organza, silk, and crepe fabrics I got at my local Indian fabric store; an old white sheet; beads and buttons; a loooot of patience!

This is made from blue organza and an old white sheet, to keep the petals in shape. I had bought the star at a craft store in Greece, and I was happy to see that its colour matches perfectly the organza! The star had a hole in the middle, where I glued an ivory button.

This one was really difficult to make. Lesson learnt: don't make folded petals with soft fabrics! They kept slipping out of shape. Eventually I managed to stitch them together in a pleasing shape, and I found a button that holds it well together and makes it look fresh and cute.

This is a double yoyo flower with folded petals. Three of the petals are made from samples I got for free at a fabric store. At the centre I sewed some long purple and round pearl beads I took from an old dress.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Hair comb with fabric scraps and lace

Here is an asymmetrical (sorry Pops!) hair piece, made mostly from left-over pieces of fabric, some lace (sample), and crin. I also used on the top a small piece of elastic black ribbon.

Same hair comb, a bit more funky with an added pink feather :)

Velvet bracelet made from fabric samples and a place mat

I really love what they call 'ethnic' accessories, but I find it very difficult to find something that I really like. I am a big fan of velvet and lace, and I was lucky to find both in a fabric shop's 'please take me' bin. These velvet samples in the first picture were glued on a piece of carton with the names of their colours next to them.  I ripped them off the board, unfolded them and then ironed them, cutting off the paper from the edges.

I also had a set of ribbed place mats that I never use because they are very hard to wash and iron. I figured they will make a nice hard base for a bracelet. I picked a green one, cut a long piece to fit around my wrist, and lined it with red satin.

Once my base was ready, I glued two pieces of velvet on top with fabric glue, a blue one and a purple one.* On top of those I glued a piece of lace (also sample) and three little buttons.

*At the time I didn't have a needle for thick fabrics for my sewing machine. 

It was difficult to finish off the right edge, so I made a little cap with one of the velvet samples and sewed it on by hand. Et voilà!