Friday, 30 July 2010

Flower brooches!

Today I experimented with folded flowers. Materials: pieces of organza, silk, and crepe fabrics I got at my local Indian fabric store; an old white sheet; beads and buttons; a loooot of patience!

This is made from blue organza and an old white sheet, to keep the petals in shape. I had bought the star at a craft store in Greece, and I was happy to see that its colour matches perfectly the organza! The star had a hole in the middle, where I glued an ivory button.

This one was really difficult to make. Lesson learnt: don't make folded petals with soft fabrics! They kept slipping out of shape. Eventually I managed to stitch them together in a pleasing shape, and I found a button that holds it well together and makes it look fresh and cute.

This is a double yoyo flower with folded petals. Three of the petals are made from samples I got for free at a fabric store. At the centre I sewed some long purple and round pearl beads I took from an old dress.

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