Thursday, 29 July 2010

Velvet bracelet made from fabric samples and a place mat

I really love what they call 'ethnic' accessories, but I find it very difficult to find something that I really like. I am a big fan of velvet and lace, and I was lucky to find both in a fabric shop's 'please take me' bin. These velvet samples in the first picture were glued on a piece of carton with the names of their colours next to them.  I ripped them off the board, unfolded them and then ironed them, cutting off the paper from the edges.

I also had a set of ribbed place mats that I never use because they are very hard to wash and iron. I figured they will make a nice hard base for a bracelet. I picked a green one, cut a long piece to fit around my wrist, and lined it with red satin.

Once my base was ready, I glued two pieces of velvet on top with fabric glue, a blue one and a purple one.* On top of those I glued a piece of lace (also sample) and three little buttons.

*At the time I didn't have a needle for thick fabrics for my sewing machine. 

It was difficult to finish off the right edge, so I made a little cap with one of the velvet samples and sewed it on by hand. Et voilà!

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