Thursday, 5 August 2010

Ania fascinator

This is a headpiece I made for a friend to wear at a wedding. She is wearing a dark blue dress with green shoes, so I came up with a hat that combines teal and dark blue velvet roses with lime green feathers and pewter sinamay leaves. Here's how I made it:
  • First, I covered the teardrop buckram base (it costs about £2) in teal velvet (I had a piece just large enough for the project) and hand-stitched the edges all the way around, tucking in about 1/4'' to hide the frayed edges. 
  • Then I made the leaves out of sinamay. I cut the patterns, turned the edges about 1/2cm in and ironed them, and then pinned them on the base in various configurations until I was pleased with the arranged them. Then I added two more leaves that I made by curling the edges instead of ironing them.
  • The flowers were next. Following Elizabeth Searle's instructions (Fun-to-Wear Fabric Flowers) I made three velvet roses, two in teal and one in dark blue, and two small leaves in a colour called 'chartreuse yellow', which is something between green and yellow. I love an unexpected splash of colour!
  • Now that all my materials were ready, it was time to stitch and glue them on the base. First I stitched the feathers, then the leaves, and left the flowers for last. 

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