Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Don't throw out that ... old tablecloth! Canvas tote and potato sack

When my sister visited last month, she brought along a bag of old clothes to give to charity. Among them was a very cute small tablecloth. I kept it, although it does not fit my table, hoping I will find another use for it. And so I did! I also made use of one of my old Primark canvas bags--two projects in one.

Not much work on this one. I cut a piece that fit the front part of the bag, turning the edges inwards. Then I used fabric glue to stick the fabric on the bag. I always iron it on, as it makes it sturdier. And that's it! I have a whole new bag that is perfect for carrying my veggies.

Potato sack
With the remaining fabric I made a small drawstring bag to store potatoes and onions. When I was sewing it together I realized that I had folded it the wrong way, which meant that I had to cut an opening for the string to go through and then sew it back again. The tunnel for the drawstring has to be an uninterrupted fold--note for next time!

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