Sunday, 15 August 2010

Don't throw out that ... placemat! Small patchwork handbag

This cute handbag is made of an old ribbed (and quite thick) placemat, a button from an old coat, a piece of string from a gift bag, and fabric samples! Inside I made three pockets for my mobile phone, my make up and my Oyster card.

This is the placemat. Fortunately it was big enough for a small bag! I folded it in half, and sewed the sides to create the shell of the bag.

To line the bag, I used a blue cotton fabric which I reinforced with a piece of plastic netting. That made the bag very sturdy, but it also made my life very difficult, as stitching a layers of this net onto the ribbed placemat was quite a challenge. It was worth it though!

This is the cord I used as a loop for the button at the front of the bag. I almost threw out this bag twice, as it is quite big and torn. Now I am happy I kept it, I got two quite long cords out of it!

After the bag was finished, I glued some fabric samples both for decorative and practical purposes (the placemat had a few stains that I needed to cover).

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