Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Don't throw out that .... sheet! Drawstring bag with snap fasteners

Use that old sheet ..... as lining!
As my collection is growing, I need more room to store both my sewing tools and my creations! Today I wanted to practice sewing a bit more (I am still working on getting my stitches straight!) so I cooked up this simple project: a small drawstring bag to keep my ribbons and fabric samples.

This blue/teal satin fabric is really beautiful, and I got it very cheaply (I paid £3 for 2.5 metres) at my local Indian fabric shop. (See my first couple of posts to see the flowers and cuffs I made from it!) For lining I used a piece of an old sheet. The bag closes with three snap fasteners (for information on snap fasteners look at www.denverfabrics.com/pages/sewinginfo/hsc-sewing-hints/sewing-snaps.htm), which I hammered in, and a piece of satin ribbon from the wrapping of one of my wedding presents. It looks so good, that I am half-tempted to put on straps and use it as a handbag! Total cost of the project: less than £1.5!

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