Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Make your own... fascinator out of a cd!

Today was a day for crafts: rainy, moody and cold. I took out all my (new, labelled) IKEA boxes with ribbons and beads, and started experimenting with designs and combinations. Somehow nothing felt original and fresh, and while I came up with a couple of hair accessories that were decent, they were predictable. So, I decided to take a break and listen to some music. As I was going through my stack of cds, inspiration struck! How about making a hat out of a cd?

And here is my creation to the left. I covered the cd in a warm purple velvet fabric which I glued in place with some hot glue. Then I arranged a few blue feathers on one side, and a small piece of black French net at the front. In the middle, I put a decorative button of unknown origin. Cost? Cd: free. Velvet: free sample. Feathers: 1 euro for the entire pack, used maybe 1/4. Button: free. All it needs now is some elastic or hair clip to keep it in place!

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