Friday, 6 August 2010

Patchwork bag

Ah, the joy of recycling leftovers. Here's the second patchwork project made from (free) fabric samples. I organized the samples by size, selected the ones that were roughly the same size, and arranged them on a piece of fusible interface. On most sides the pieces of fabric had a nice zig-zag pattern, but on a few they were cut unevenly. To hide the frayed edges, I glued two pieces of ribbon, and then ironed the samples on the interface. I stitched the bottom and side parts closed, and turned the top parts inwards to create a tunnel, through which I slid a red ribbon to tie it up. The dimensions are about 14 x 26 cm. The bag is very sturdy, because of the interface. It is a perfect case for my straightening iron, leaving enough room for the cable to turn inside. One more thing off my dresser and on the wall!

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