Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Small messenger bag

This weekend I bent the rules a bit, and made a handbag out of non-recycled fabric. The reason: I needed something sturdy, and unfortunately the clothes/curtains I found at my local Oxfam and Cancer Research were either visibly old and worn or too soft for the project. So, I went to John Lewis and bought the cheapest fabrics they had at the curtains/tapestry floor: a fuchsia one for £3.95 and a flowery one for £6.95 per meter. They are both very girly and fun! I decided to make a small messenger bag, using the fuchsia on the outside and the flowery one as lining and on the flap.

  • First, I cut the pattern out of old newspapers. 

I always leave a margin of about 1cm around for seams. 
Tip: Trace the outline of the pattern on the fabric. This way you know what the back side of the fabric is. Also, it serves as a good guide when you stitch the pieces together.

  • After I cut all the pieces for the outside of the bag, I used the same patterns to cut the lining. Here's a picture of one of the lining pieces, where I fit pockets to fit my mobile, my make up and my Oyster card.
Here is the same piece on the finished bag! 

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