Thursday, 12 August 2010

Make your own gift bag

This wonderful blue satin fabric which I have already used to make flowers, jewellery and a drawstring bag for my ribbons, is perfect to make a great wine gift bag!

It took me a while to make the pattern. First, I took the dimensions of the bottle. I cut a couple of patterns out of an old newspaper, until I got all the measurements right, seam allowances and all.

Then (see left picture below) I cut a piece of fabric 28.5 x 47cm. I  folded and pinned 1cm on either side lengthways, and then folded the top part inwards (the fold measures 12cm). This is going to be the top part of the bag, and it has to be long enough to go a few cm under the drawstring tunnel, so that the raw edges won't show.

Then I had to create the tunnel for the ribbon. I marked a 1cm tunnel starting 7.5cm from the top (see right picture below). I sewed along both lines, then folded the bag rights side in, and stitched down the sides and the bottom part, leaving an 1cm gap where the tunnel starts and finishes on the side. As simple as that!

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