Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Make your own kitchen curtain out of an old sheet!

As we (using the plural loosely :) were cleaning the loft during the weekend, we came across a box with old bedlinen, including a white cotton sheet and a duvet cover! The duvet cover has warm and bright orange and yellow colours (see picture 1) but it doesn't match the colour scheme in the bedroom, while the sheet is of good quality, but it is for a single bed. So, I decided to use them to make a curtain for the kitchen window! 

Picture 1. Orange duvet cover
Step 1: Measuring the Window

I wanted the curtain to go inside the window frame, which is 66cm, and to fall right above the window sill. I measured 5cm above the glass pane (where the curtain rod will go) till the sill, which is 85cm. 

Picture 2. The window.

Step 2: Cutting the fabric
...leaving seam allowances and also allowance for the tunnel for the rod. 

Step 3: The edges: turn, iron, pin and stitch

As you can see in the picture, I used a part of the sheet where two of the four sides were ready--one of the bottom corners. So I only had to stitch along one side and make the groove for the rod at the top. 

Step 4: Decoration
I really wanted to use some of that orange fabric, as I love a splash of colour! So, I made 4 small roses (this one is about 4cm) using a narrow strip of the orange fabric and sewed them along the bottom strip of the curtain.

Step 5: Installing the curtain rod

I bought an expandable curtain rod from Homebase for £5.99. Installing it is pretty self-explanatory and super easy. After I nailed the supporting hooks on either side of the window frame, I insert the rod in the curtain tunnel at the top and I hang it up! 

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Pink pink pink! Another glasses case and a matching pouch

I decided that I will name each product that came out of a friend's idea or suggestion after that friend. So, I present the 'Evangelia' glasses case. Instead of a button it closes with a flower, which I topped with a handmade fabric-covered button that matches the lining.
The little pouch next to it was a last minute inspiration. I had a small leftover piece of pink fabric, so I lined and folded it, and added a small snap fastener. It's teeny tiny and perfect to keep my change!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Ideas please!!

I had made this mobile case for practice, but it is too small for my BlackBerry. Nevertheless, it is too cute to gather dust in my drawer. So, I embellished it with a flower and added a snap fastener. Any ideas what it can be used for??

A birthday gift for dad! Glasses case and tissue holder

This Sunday is my dad's birthday! Finding a gift for him was really difficult, as during the years we have gotten him... well, everything! So, I thought this year that I am crafty I can make him something. And here it is: A matching glasses case and tissue holder in dark blue and dark grey colours! The glasses case closes with a snap fastener at the top for easy access. I hope he likes them!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

School is starting! Let's get organized!

Happy Autumn (aka Fall) everyone and a happy new school year! :) Today's--more accurately, yesterday's--creation is a bag I cooked up Monday morning as I was getting ready for my first day teaching. Last year I got tired of carrying around two separate bags for all my books and personal items, so I decided to make something that is large enough to fit our A4 sized books, maybe my small laptop, and also my wallet, mobile phone, keys and make-up. I also wanted something happy and bright to scare away the winter blues. Et voilà! A bright pink bag with two appliqué and two yoyo flowers! (look at how cute the lining is below!).

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Make your own... mobile case!

I really should be editing my presentation for the MGSA conference next week, but I have to sew something before I concentrate on anything else! Mobile cases are quite easy to make, so today I decided to hone my sewing and decorating skills with scraps of fabric.

Here are my creations for the day. They are all lined and have some sort of decoration to make them distinct. Here is the first one:
This is made out of a ribbed satin fabric and trimmed with lace. I had a leftover piece of marabou boa, which I stitched to the front, and in the middle I glued a big pearl bead. I lined it with the same fabric, so it has quite a luxurious feel to it!

This one is my favourite! I made it to match the Audrey hat. I padded it, which made it quite thick and sturdy, but this meant that I could not use the sewing machine to stitch it close. So, I did it by hand--and I have to say, it was a long and laborious process!