Thursday, 2 September 2010

Make your own... mobile case!

I really should be editing my presentation for the MGSA conference next week, but I have to sew something before I concentrate on anything else! Mobile cases are quite easy to make, so today I decided to hone my sewing and decorating skills with scraps of fabric.

Here are my creations for the day. They are all lined and have some sort of decoration to make them distinct. Here is the first one:
This is made out of a ribbed satin fabric and trimmed with lace. I had a leftover piece of marabou boa, which I stitched to the front, and in the middle I glued a big pearl bead. I lined it with the same fabric, so it has quite a luxurious feel to it!

This one is my favourite! I made it to match the Audrey hat. I padded it, which made it quite thick and sturdy, but this meant that I could not use the sewing machine to stitch it close. So, I did it by hand--and I have to say, it was a long and laborious process! 


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  1. Mobile cases're beautiful 2 project but I favorite first project have a design be pretty.