Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Funky notice board from recycled duvet wadding and compressed cardboard

So here we are, new country, new town, new flat, and faced with the challenge to redecorate an already furnished home without making any drastic changes.

Today's project was as fulfilling as it was easy and quick!

Last week I bought from IKEA a beautiful fabric box to keep my sewing supplies, and inside it I found a good-sized piece of solid cardboard that was used to help it keep its shape. I dug in my fabric remnants and I found a beautiful piece of orange fabric (also IKEA), and some left-over duvet wadding that I had diligently removed from an old duvet.

Here are all my materials (plus a staple gun):
Constructing the notice board was super simple:

a) I layered the materials in this order: first, the fabric right side down, then the wadding and on top the cardboard.
b) I cut the fabric around the wadding, leaving about 8cm from the cardboard.
c) Stretch and staple! First I stapled one long side, making sure the wadding 'hugs' the side of the cardboard. Then I proceeded to one of the short sides, and I kept stretching the fabric and stapling until it was dressed all around. Here's what it looks like from the back:

And the side:

d) I cut a small piece of cord, bent it into a loop, and stapled it in the middle of one of the short sides. You can see this in the first picture, where the notice board is hanging from the wall.

Ready! I must admit, I like the pattern so much that I will use it for decoration and not for notes. It is such a lovely and bright colour, and it really brightened up the room!

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