Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Dinosaur tote for Rosie!

Here's another project from my grandmother's remnants: a cute dinosaur bag for my niece Rosie's birthday!

Cut four rectangular pieces from the fabric. 

Pin the two sets of pieces right sides together. 

Sew lengthwise and iron the seam open.  
Find a template on the internet (here a dinosaur) and  cut around contrasting fabric (here blue).

Iron the applique on the exterior of the bag using fusible web.

And here's how it looks!
For decoration, stitch around the pattern with contrasting thread. 
Turn the bag exterior inside out, and iron two pieces of interface to make it more sturdy.

Pinch the bottom corners of the bag exterior marking 3cm from the corner.

Mark 3cm from the corner on each side and draw a line to connect the two  sides.

Sew along the line and clip the corners.

Turn the bag inside out and fold and iron the bottom.

Make the handles and pin on the exterior of the bag.
Make the lining leaving the bottom open, and insert the bag in the lining right sides together. Stitch along the top.

Pull the lining out and then tuck it inside the bag.  Stitch along the top and finally stitch the bottom part of the lining. The bag is ready!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Bird mobile: how to cut, sew and stuff the birds

Cut seven pieces for each bird: two for body, four for wings (the half circles up right), and one gusset.

Pin gusset on the bird's tummy, right sides together. 

Stitch gusset right sides together, fold to itself wrong sides together  and  pin second body piece on top (right sides together).

Sew second body piece on gusset, leaving a 3cm gap under the bird's beak.

Turn bird right side out.

Put the funnel in the gap.

Put a cup of rice in the funnel and slowly poor it in the bird's body.  

Close the opening and slip stitch it.

Sew wings right sides together, leaving a gap for turning.

Turn the wings right sides out and slip stitch the opening.  
Et voilà! 
For instructions on how to make the circus-tent base using a wire hanger, see http://www.bulbinblue.com/DIY-Craft/diy-projects-1137-baby-mobile.deco.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Bird mobile from recycled fabric remnants

Hello everyone!

How envious am I of all of you that are in England right now! It is about 35 degrees in Katerini right now, barely any breeze, and I'm delaying dinner as much as I can as it involves turning on the stove, and I don't think I could handle those extra degrees. Apart from the heat, it's a lovely evening, I can hear birds singing from the balcony, and I'm having a cold frappe which somewhat manages to bring my body temperature down to acceptable levels.

Before the heat kicked in early in the morning, I managed to complete yet another project which turned out much  better than I had anticipated! Last  week, my grandmother gave me two big bags of offcuts from the factory she used to work about 50 years ago. They are really good quality cotton fabrics, but cut in really odd shapes, so I needed a project that would not require large pieces. In one of my books (One-Yard Wonders) I found instructions for a bird mobile, which required very small pieces of colourful fabrics.

For the base, I followed the instructions from this link:

I used a wire hanger, which I covered with the same fabrics I used to make the birds. The blue and yellow are from my grandma's bags, while the flowery finish is from an old sheet, which I also used for the birds.

This is a really fun project! If you need detailed instructions, or you want to buy one as a gift, contact me!

Enjoy your Sunday evening!

Friday, 8 July 2011

Girly gifts: Pencil case & Bookmark gift set, and a summery top

Hello everyone!

Today's projects were really fun to make, as the recipients are two gorgeous little misses whose birthdays are coming up soon.

The first one is a gift set I made for my beautiful niece Alice, who loves to read! I laid out all my fabrics and ribbons and came up with this combination of colours, which I think is fresh and bright.

The first one is a pencil holder, which opens and closes very easily with Velcro. Initially I intended it to be a glasses case, but it is not sturdy enough despite the padding, so I think it would work more efficiently as a pencil case. It has a soft red lining and a bright lime bias tape all around. I was tempted to keep it for myself, but I guess I have to make another trip to IKEA to buy some more of this fun fabric!

The bookmark was a 30' project. I ironed some fusible interfacing between the two pieces of fabric to make it stiffer and then stitched a piece of green fabric and a matching button on top.
The second gift is for Kostandina, my sister's godchild, who is celebrating her birthday this Saturday. She is a cutie pie and loves her girly clothes :) I have a really fantastic book by  Emma Hardy called Making Children's Clothes, and it has a lot of very easy patterns. I liked the one featured on the cover, so I thought I'd give it a try. I used a beautiful summery red fabric and here's the result! I am thinking of altering the pattern to make one for myself!