Sunday, 17 July 2011

Bird mobile from recycled fabric remnants

Hello everyone!

How envious am I of all of you that are in England right now! It is about 35 degrees in Katerini right now, barely any breeze, and I'm delaying dinner as much as I can as it involves turning on the stove, and I don't think I could handle those extra degrees. Apart from the heat, it's a lovely evening, I can hear birds singing from the balcony, and I'm having a cold frappe which somewhat manages to bring my body temperature down to acceptable levels.

Before the heat kicked in early in the morning, I managed to complete yet another project which turned out much  better than I had anticipated! Last  week, my grandmother gave me two big bags of offcuts from the factory she used to work about 50 years ago. They are really good quality cotton fabrics, but cut in really odd shapes, so I needed a project that would not require large pieces. In one of my books (One-Yard Wonders) I found instructions for a bird mobile, which required very small pieces of colourful fabrics.

For the base, I followed the instructions from this link:

I used a wire hanger, which I covered with the same fabrics I used to make the birds. The blue and yellow are from my grandma's bags, while the flowery finish is from an old sheet, which I also used for the birds.

This is a really fun project! If you need detailed instructions, or you want to buy one as a gift, contact me!

Enjoy your Sunday evening!

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