Monday, 18 July 2011

Bird mobile: how to cut, sew and stuff the birds

Cut seven pieces for each bird: two for body, four for wings (the half circles up right), and one gusset.

Pin gusset on the bird's tummy, right sides together. 

Stitch gusset right sides together, fold to itself wrong sides together  and  pin second body piece on top (right sides together).

Sew second body piece on gusset, leaving a 3cm gap under the bird's beak.

Turn bird right side out.

Put the funnel in the gap.

Put a cup of rice in the funnel and slowly poor it in the bird's body.  

Close the opening and slip stitch it.

Sew wings right sides together, leaving a gap for turning.

Turn the wings right sides out and slip stitch the opening.  
Et voilà! 
For instructions on how to make the circus-tent base using a wire hanger, see

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