Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Dinosaur tote for Rosie!

Here's another project from my grandmother's remnants: a cute dinosaur bag for my niece Rosie's birthday!

Cut four rectangular pieces from the fabric. 

Pin the two sets of pieces right sides together. 

Sew lengthwise and iron the seam open.  
Find a template on the internet (here a dinosaur) and  cut around contrasting fabric (here blue).

Iron the applique on the exterior of the bag using fusible web.

And here's how it looks!
For decoration, stitch around the pattern with contrasting thread. 
Turn the bag exterior inside out, and iron two pieces of interface to make it more sturdy.

Pinch the bottom corners of the bag exterior marking 3cm from the corner.

Mark 3cm from the corner on each side and draw a line to connect the two  sides.

Sew along the line and clip the corners.

Turn the bag inside out and fold and iron the bottom.

Make the handles and pin on the exterior of the bag.
Make the lining leaving the bottom open, and insert the bag in the lining right sides together. Stitch along the top.

Pull the lining out and then tuck it inside the bag.  Stitch along the top and finally stitch the bottom part of the lining. The bag is ready!

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