Sunday, 9 October 2011

How to make baby socks out of a T-shirt

Hello again! Two months have passed since my last post--two VERY busy months! Baby Iasonas was born on 22 August, and the past few weeks have been absolutely chaotic--and positively awesome! He is a chubby little guy with a very intense personality and he has us all wrapped around his little finger! Needless to say, apart from developing techniques to get him to sleep (and to get ourselves going without sleep) I had close to zero time to get anything else done. Fortunately, now his sleeping schedule is more predictable, and this (along with a lot of invaluable help from daddy!) has left me some windows of time throughout the day to do some writing and some sewing.

Project one: baby socks. After getting a lot of grief both from grandpa ('his feet are cold! if he gets a cold I'll chase you all the way to the land of black snow!') and from numerous of his friends we ran into during our outings ('his legs are blue!'--they were not, really), I decided it wouldn't hurt to wrap his tiny little feet in something warm, and so get some peace of mind. However, the socks I had bought for him were quite small and tight, and as I am a big proponent of freedom--I've never seen a happier bunny than my naked little baby flailing arms and legs in the air on the changing table!--I wanted something loose and comfortable. So here's what I did:

1. Find an old T-shirt--colour not important.

As my sewing machine is not very good with elastic fabrics, I needed some fabric with a finished edge. How about an old T-shirt?

2. Lay the T-Shirt on a flat surface and cut the socks.  

I laid the T-shirt on a flat surface and made sure the bottom edges of the front and back sides are aligned. Then I cut the first sock--simply a rectangular shape with a round edge--and then used that as a template for the second sock (see pictures below). Note that each sock consists of two pieces of fabric, one from the front and one from the back side of the T-shirt. I made them about 10cm long, but they could be longer.

Cut first sock. As simple as that.

Lay first sock on the fabric and cut the second piece--this way they will be the same size.
Here are the socks, four pieces of fabric right sides together.

3. Sew around the socks. 
Now, right sides together, sew around the socks and turn them over. Ready!

I have to say, they are not as easy to keep on (Iasonas kicks everything off and away) but they are comfy and soft, and hell of a lot easier to get on and off than conventional socks!

Here is our model :)

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