Friday, 6 January 2012

Supersize supertrendy book bag

Happy new year everybody! I hope you had a tolerable time and that your scales did not dictate an immediate need for a post-holiday diet :)

Today I am sharing with you a project that started a few months ago, and was delayed for obvious reasons (4 months of bubbly cuteness) but had to be finished by 7 December, the 'customer's' birthday. The customer was my sister, who had ordered the book bag in question a few months ago with VERY specific instructions: it had to be BIG, it had to have pockets inside and outside, a hidden zip pocket inside, adjustable strap, and a large zip opening. As some of these features were unfamiliar territory, the bag was made in stages--first the outside, then the zip pocket, after that the zip opening, and lastly the adjustable strap (which I was dreading, but ended up being the easiest part!).

Some extra features that I added are the headphone round case and the monogram, which I clipped on the D-ring at the bottom of the strap.

Here are a few pictures of the bag, which is available for order at our website,

Have a fantastic and productive new year!

Headphones zip pocket.

Inside of the bag. It has two pockets and a piece of elastic, to insert a water bottle. 

The front part is two very large flat pockets, separated in the middle by a stitch. 

A close-up of the embroidered monogram.

The hidden pocket inside. 
The inside compartments--the two pockets and the elastic band, which holds a water bottle. 

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